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Diving the Seaway Pete from Devocean Dive
Diving the Seaway - Entering the water Diving the Seaway - Entering the water

Most of the diving on the Gold Coast is shore based.

Diving in Australia's premier inner city dive site!

Two-metre Queensland groupers, eagle rays, cryptic octopus, schools of trevally, moray eels, lionfish, devil scorpionfish and sea horses - all this and more can be found at a single site on the Gold Coast - the Gold Coast Seaway.

The Gold Coast Seaway is a an experience including -:

  • Seahorses
  • Giant Gropers
  • Sea Turtles

There are over 450 documented species of fish in the Seaway which being the entrance of the Nerang river and beautiful Broadwater which is a nursing ground for a diverse range of species.

No dive is ever the same - certain conditions can have breathtaking water clarity.

Scuba dive or even learn to snorkel with safety being the priority.

The Gold Coast Seaway is a location known for its bio-diversity.

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